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Minnesota Film Critics Alliance Member Profile: Kyle Goethe

Kyle Goethe produces content about movies with both written and video material. Along with his site, GOAT Film Reviews, he is active on YouTube.

Here’s more about Goethe.

How long have you been producing content about movies?

In 2014, my girlfriend (now wife) told me that she was tired of me talking movies…all. the. time. I had tried my hand with content creation related to film punditry and criticism several times before, but in January 2014, I finally started sticking to it, and I learned that I can talk about the movies I want to talk about when I want to talk about them.

Where do you live and/or produce content about movies?

I currently live in Plymouth, Minn, but I also have produced content in St. Paul, Moorhead and Grand Forks N.D.

What type of content do you produce about movies?

I produce written pieces for GOAT Film Reviews, as well as being a co-creator of Kyle & Nick on Film, a weekly YouTube video series where myself and Nick Palodichuk breakdown a film each episode.

GOAT Film Reviews also has a new YouTube channel where I’m fiddling with more video work as a content creator. You can also occasionally find me as a guest on St. Paul Filmcast, a Minnesota-based podcast.

What motivated you to create content about movies?

As I mentioned, my wife has pushed me to start this as more of a hobby, but it’s evolved into something I’m immensely proud of that’s been chugging along for over six years.

What inspired your love of movies?

I’m not entirely sure where it came from, but I would say a mixture of “Star Wars” at a young age and my love of a good story. The story is usually the most important element of a film for me, and having been a storyteller for most of my life, it’s the part I cling to.

What do you enjoy most about living in Minnesota ?

The weather. You can watch a lot of movies in a snowstorm! More than that, I was born in Minnesota, I’ve lived in Minnesota for most of my life, I went to college in Minnesota (Minnesota State University Moorhead), I got married here, and I have family and friends across Minnesota that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

What is your favorite movie theater in Minnesota?

Currently, I love the Emagine in Plymouth. There’s a sense of care to the people at Emagine theaters and a number of interesting events that they put on. I’m also an AMC A-Lister, so I’m often at an AMC.

Growing up, I have fond memories of the Safari Theater in Moorhead, which I believe is shut down. It was a rundown theater that sold tickets for 2 bucks, and I spent many a weekday doing my college homework while watching a marathon of recent releases.

What are some of your favorite movies from the past year (2019)?

  1. Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood
  2. The Farewell
  3. 1917
  4. Avengers: Endgame
  5. Parasite
  6. Rocketman
  7. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
  8. Toy Story 4
  9. Jojo Rabbit
  10. Us

Honorable Mentions: Alita: Battle Angel, Ready or Not, Knives Out, Shazam!, John Wick 3: Parabellum

What are your favorite movies set in Minnesota?

“Grumpy Old Men,” “Grumpier Old Men,” “Fargo,” “The Good Son,” “Juno” and “Purple Rain.”

Where can people find your work?

Find GOAT Film Reviews online at Subscribe to GOAT Film Reviews and Kyle & Nick on Film on YouTube

Are you on social media platforms? If so what are your handles?

GOAT Film Reviews has a Facebook page. You can also follow me @AlmightyGoatman on Twitter and Instagram.


Author: Matthew Liedke

Journalist and film critic in Minnesota. Graduate of Rainy River College and Minnesota State University in Moorhead. Outside of movies I also enjoy sports, craft beers and the occasional video game.

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