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Alliance Lately: Issue No. 62

It was a mix of fantasy and suspense at the theaters recently, with the release of the thriller “Beast” and the mystical movie “Three Thousand Years of Longing.”

Both films were reviewed by members of the MNFCA as summer came to a close. Those films weren’t the only ones Minnesota critics had on their radar, though.

Here’s what the Alliance has been up to lately.

Joe Botten

At his site, Botten reviewed “Get Away If You Can,” “Spin Me Round” and “Orphan: First Kill.”

Brian Eggert

On Deep Focus Review, Eggert wrote about new releases “The Forgiven,” “Orphan: First Kill,” “Funny Pages,” “Samaritan,” “Three Thousand Years of Longing,” “Honk for Jesus” and “Emily the Criminal.” He also reviewed 2002’s “Spider.”

Kelly Florence and Meg Hafdahl

Florence and Hafdahl discussed “Orphan: First Kill” and the Japanese picture “Bloody Muscle Body Builder In Hell.”

Joseph Froemming

For his review series the Joe-Down, Froemming reviewed 1991’s “Point Break.”

Kyle Goethe and Nicholas Palodichuk

On the YouTube series Kyle and Nick on Film, Goethe and Palodichuk discussed 1942’s “The Glass Key,” 1947’s “Out of the Past,” “1974’s “The Conversation,” 1990’s “Robot Jox” and 1995’s “Heat.” They also reviewed “Slumber Party Massacre II” and “Angel Heart,” both from 1987.

Paul McGuire Grimes

For his series Paul’s Trip to the Movies, Grimes reviewed “Beast” and “Honk for Jesus.” He also appeared on the Aug. 19 episode of Twin Cities Live and interviewed the cast of “Honk for Jesus.”

Matt Hambidge

For the site News From The Couch, Hambidge reviewed the new Netflix film “Me Time.” He also co-hosted episodes of the Cinema Stubs podcast about new releases “Beast” and “Samaritan.”

Danny Haslach

Haslach co-hosted an episode of the FilmBird podcast centered on the new horror film “Bodies Bodies Bodies.”

Eric Houston

For his Bad Movie Bros. series, Houston reviewed 1995’s action picture “Cyberjack.”

Frank Lee

At the Brainerd Dispatch, Lee wrote about the recent thriller “Beast.”

Ruth Maramis

On FlixChatter, Maramis reviewed new films “After Yang,” “Samaritan” and “Three Thousand Years of Longing.”

Mark McPherson

At his site, McPherson reviwed the new fantasy film “Three Thousand Years of Longing.”

Frank Stanko

In continuing to look back at the films of 1998, Stanko wrote about “Out of Sight,” “Hands on a Hardbody” and “Armageddon.”


Author: Matthew Liedke

Journalist and film critic in Minnesota. Graduate of Rainy River College and Minnesota State University in Moorhead. Outside of movies I also enjoy sports, craft beers and the occasional video game.

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