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Nominees for the 2nd MNFCA Awards

The Minnesota Film Critics Alliance completed the nomination process over the last week for its second annual award honors.

Eligible films for this year’s awards included those released from March-December 2021. Movies released from January-February 2021 were made eligible in last year’s awards process because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many films were submitted across all genres for the 16 award categories. In the end, “Dune” and “The Power of the Dog” tied for the most nominations, with each picture earning 11 selections.

Other movies receiving multiple nominations include “West Side Story” with eight, “Licorice Pizza” with five and “Nightmare Alley” with four.

The award winners will be announced March 6.

See the full list of nominees below.

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MNFCA’s look back at 2021

The year 2021 is in the rear-view, but before letting it go, members of the Minnesota Film Critics Alliance had quite a bit to say.

From top 10s to top 20s, MNFCA members ranked their favorite films released in 2021, including plenty of honorable mentions along the way. A few even noted some of the worst 2021 had to offer in cinema.

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The Inaugural MNFCA Awards

The following are the results of the first ever Minnesota Film Critics Alliance Awards.

The Alliance is a 17-member group and for this year’s awards, 14 participated in nominating and voting on the best of 2020. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, films released into March were eligible, allowing some titles watched in 2021 to be included.

Below are the nominees, runners-up and winners.

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The MNFCA’s Top 10s of 2020

It was certainly an odd year for movies in 2020, with many release dates getting pushed back across calendars. However, plenty of quality films were still released and they were included on the best of lists by Minnesota Film Critics.

Here’s how the Alliance felt about some of the best (and worst) films released in 2020.

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