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Membership Criteria

The Minnesota Film Critics Alliance is open to all individuals who create content about movies in the North Star State.

As long as the content is about film, a person can become a member of the MNFCA, regardless if they are mainly focused on new releases, classical movies, a specific genre, etc. The Alliance welcomes all ways of creating content about film, whether it’s print, blogging, broadcasting, online video or radio.

Alliance membership notes

  • There is no membership fee.
  • Content produced by members should be professional and created regularly.
  • Members must live in Minnesota and create content about movies, or live outside of the state but produce content for a Minnesota outlet. The state of Minnesota has many border communities such as Duluth-Superior and Moorhead-Fargo, which means some may live in another state, but still reach a Minnesotan audience with their content.
  • Sites that endorse illegal activities such as pirating are not allowed.
  • Nobody will be denied on the basis of race, religion, ethnic heritage, gender, sexual orientation, education status, profession or professional affiliation, political affiliation, physical disability, age, veteran status, or language.
  • Causes for removal include, but are not limited to, plagiarism and violating a studio-imposed embargo.

To join, please visit the Alliance’s contact page.

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