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The Alliance Lately: Issue No. 18

New releases such as “Ammonite” and “Let Them Talk,” along with older pictures from a variety of decades, have been reviewed by the Minnesota Film Critics Alliance recently. Additionally, as Christmas approaches, some MNFCA members have produced content about the holiday.

Here’s what the Alliance has been up to lately.

Joe Botten

At his site, Botten reviewed 2020 films “Backwoods,” “Ammonite,” “Wander,” “Half Brothers,” “Sound of Metal,” “Let Them All Talk,” “The Bloodhound,” “Songbird,” “Archenemy,” “I’m Your Woman” and “News of the World.

Brian Eggert

At Deep Focus Review, Eggert reviewed 2020 pictures “Mank,” “Let Them All Talk,” “Wolfwalkers,” “Freaky,” and “Peninsula.” Eggert also wrote about the 1965 picture “Mirage.”

Kelly Florence and Meg Hafdahl

On recent episodes of Horror Rewind, Florence and Hafdahl’s podcast reviewed the “Babysitter Killer Queen,” as well as “Creep” and “Creep 2.

Joseph Froemming

For The Joe Down, Froemming published an in depth review of the action movie “John Wick.”

Kyle Goethe

For his site, Goethe wrote about 1971’s “A Clockwork Orange” and reviewed the new film “Songbird.”

Additionally, for his series Kyle and Nick on Film with fellow MNFCA member Nicholas Palodichuk, Goethe reviewed 2007’s “The Lookout” and 1976’s “Network.”

Paul McGuire Grimes

For his series, Grimes reviewed “Ammonite,” “Let Them All Talk,” “The Prom,” “I’m Your Woman” and “Wonder Woman 1984.”

Grimes also interviewed cast/crew members from “The Prom,” “I’m Your Woman” and “Wonder Woman 1984.

Eric Houston

For his series, Houston produced videos about TV Christmas specials and how the holiday has been portrayed by Hollywood.

Melinda Lavine

At the Duluth News Tribune, Lavine wrote about the documentary “Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts” which follows comedian, musician and drag queen Brian Firkus, who’s originally from Milwaukee. Lavine also wrote about a Duluth resident who produces movie-related videos on YouTube.

Matthew Liedke

For his site, Liedke reviewed new releases “Mank,” “Black Bear,” “Sound of Metal,” “Ammonite,” “The Prom” and “Let Them All Talk.”

Ruth Maramis

On FlixChatter, Maramis wrote about the biopic “Radioactive” and the musical “Jingle Jangle.”

Mark McPherson

At Film Inquiry, McPherson wrote about the Disney+ sports feature “Safety.” McPherson also produced video reviews on “Sound of Metal,” “Happiest Season,” “Come Play” and “Superintelligence.”

Frank Stanko

Continuing his look back at 1985, Stanko wrote about “Spies Like Us,” “Young Sherlock Holmes” and “Clue.”


Author: Matthew Liedke

Journalist and film critic in Minnesota. Graduate of Rainy River College and Minnesota State University in Moorhead. Outside of movies I also enjoy sports, craft beers and the occasional video game.

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